In The Bathroom - So Make Your Bathroom In The Marine-style North Sea Feeling

Hello, Hello sailor! You want that your bathroom every morning with a real feeling of the North Sea located? Then you put on a maritime institution: selected accessories, blue-and white accents and soft running sanitary objects create a charming sense of vacation. Perfect for those quiet moments in the bathroom!

Blue-white line

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So harmoniously as the sea and the horizon. the colours of blue and white is like the reflection of the sky on the gentle waves, so beautiful. Colors are so clearly associated with hardly a different style as the maritime. The nuances are the basis of every marine designs and not least fit the place in the House where water flows and is lived in the bathroom. The room can be easy with blue and white colors in the design: how about jazzed up with cosy rugs in the typical look of the Strip with a tiled floor in quiet white? Much like the uniforms of sailors drag the popular strips across the room and find their place in self-crafted picture frame or in the design of Zahnputzbechern and soap dispensers. Even more eye-catcher to create colored sanitary items. Manufacturers offer bath, toilet and washbasin in gentle shades of blue or cozy beige tones. Choose the best article with round shapes and soft lines, reflecting the steady waves of the sea; Since you would like to come to rest! Yet maritimer is the toilet seat: with playful shell motif, painted beach chair or in the form of a shell - for example at Calmwaters - get the holiday feeling at home and directly be able to forget the stress of everyday life. Small red accents reminiscent of a lighthouse and love may be placed in the room concept.

How on the North Sea Beach

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A wonderful combination for the prevailing blue and white give rustic Woods. The wood as a base for a basin along the wall stretches like a narrow footbridge. It is a large shelf for cosmetics, towels and decoration.

For the bath, you can build a table from the same material that will make it easier for you to so many bath and improve. Also for decoration wood is suitable in the maritime bathroom wonderful: driftwood on the walls, even created art object made of rough wooden slats, or wooden fish are perfect. If you want, PEPS on a simple wooden frame with collected mussels to a custom photo frames. Place your favorite snapshots from holidays herein, then the bath Gets a personal touch.

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You should avoid too much decoration, however, otherwise the bathroom acts quickly overloaded. Opt for a small selection of nautical details. They already provide a loving arrangement of the theme! And you are not striving for perfection: because only the unplanned moments make a day at the beach to a special. Select for example a mixture of different towels in blue, white, beige and red - with different patterns and shades. Fish hooks are suitable as a towel bar and how it would be wonderful with a light blue shelf hanging casual on two defrost? Another possibility is the ship shelf: vertically placed the half punting combined open compartments with closed doors. Gorgeous, so a maritimes bathroom!

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