And What About Your Shower Enclosure?

There really is nothing better than a warm and modern bathroom, where you can shower with relish to any time of day or night. In the morning or in the evening as a ritual or short time in between to shower, brings a unique refreshment with, ever no doubt. It's worth noting just one - the more often we take a shower, the more intense, we should maintain the bathroom and especially the shower area. Whether you see it as a nuisance or not, the consequences are clear in all cases and in this topic we would us deepen something today and find out if you don't somehow could handle mandatory drying off and the often inevitable moulds.

In our modern times we talk gladly over and seek comfort in all its expressions. Is a frequent roughing of the tile floor and regular polishing of the shower but comfort? I did not!

A bathroom that is equivalent to a modern man, to have a specially coated shower, which consists entirely of tempered safety glass (ESG). The ESG has special properties and is designed precisely against knocks, bends and bumps. Even where there is any breakage, the special glass in rare cases can lead to a cut, because thanks to its structure disintegrates the disc into small fragments. The issue of security includes the floor coating of the shower bath or shower tray. Last but not least is the subject of the ground level shower area, which is considered not only as an age - and disability-friendly, but also as a very fresh trend in the design of the bathroom.

The type of shower is chosen depending on the size of your room and your personal taste. A shower enclosure is in many cases practical and also recommended for separating wet from the dry and the area to abzuwischende (or endangered the moulds) is minimized.

There is one last question, which remains open: how are your entry into the shower? Have you chosen a niche bath or the corner bath variant has arisen more and which door would be good in which case for you? The floor-level shower area is trendy and well accessible and to do this you can choose stylish glass doors, which are framed or not framed. The difference between them is both Visual and functional. Through the door frame, you can compensate for unevenness of the floor and by the type of door save possibly even some space. Sliding doors and folding doors are space-saving, but their mechanical parts should also be maintained annually.

Slowly feeds one of perception for comfort and want to be in it only better. (Aggressive preparations can damage the special coating and cause scratches which provide a good ground for bacteria) you can not skip unfortunately a regular care of the bath and a good cleaning.

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